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The Galaxy S smartphones might come out a month earlier. Samsung is eyeing the gap left by Huawei’s forced exit and planning to grab that market share. The move could help the company compete with Apple, who are still doing well in the market.

Huawei was one of Samsung’s top challengers for the top position in the global smartphone market. However, the Chinese company is now in survival mode, trying to stay afloat with cut off supply chains and other U.S. restrictions.

South Korean chip industry officials are hopeful that Biden’s presidency will ease the restrictions, even though that seems unlikely, since the administration may maintain a tough stance against China.

A flagship for market share

Samsung is planning to launch the new Galaxy S21 as early as late January 2021. The previous flagship launch was March this year. The sources providing this bit of news wanted to stay anonymous because the plan is not yet public.

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Samsung declined to comment on that news.

The company shipped 59% fewer galaxy S20 5G series phones in the U.S. in the second quarter. That is a massive drop compared to the previous model’s numbers a year before that.

Xiaomi and Oppo are now the competition

Contrast that with Apple. The company shipped 15% more of the flagship iPhone 11 compared to the iPhone XR. Samsung lost its first position to Huawei in the second quarter but then regained its position when restrictions hit Huawei.  Huawei’s stockpiles of components will most likely run out by early 2021.

However, Samsung cannot relax because companies like Xiaomi and Oppo are taking the market by storm, offering the same amount of features (sometimes more) for less money.