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Several Mac mini users complain that they have problems with devices connected to their Mac mini using Bluetooth. The connection has hiccups or even drops out altogether.

Problems occur with a variety of different devices, such as mice, keyboards, and headphones. For example, users say their mice stutter a little, or that the audio in their headphones stutters from time to time.


Users complain about a variety of forums, such as Reddit, where users write that their problems persisted even after Apple gave them a replacement computer. YouTuber Patrick Tomasso also shows an example of a cursor that does not follow the movement of his mouse smoothly. All Bluetooth devices are malfunctioning with him as well.

Unclear cause

It is not clear exactly what the problem is. There is speculation that it is due to the shape of the machine, or possibly the new Apple M1 processor. The problem appears to be mainly with Mac mini M1 users, although it cannot be ruled out that MacBook Pro M1 and MacBook Air M1 are also affected.

No response from Apple

Apple has not yet responded to the problems. The manufacturer might be able to solve the problem with a software update. If not, there is a chance that the company will set up a repair programme.

Apple M1

The new Apple computers with M1 processors were released last week. The M1 chip is the first processor designed by Apple to be used in laptops and computers.

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