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Honor, which until recently was a daughter brand Huawei that sold smartphones, has entered into a partnership with Microsoft. The company wants to make laptops that run Windows.

Honor plans to release a new generation of laptops in the MagicBook line in January 2021. Unlike previous MagicBooks that Huawei released under the Honor brand, Honor also wants to sell the laptops outside China, China Daily writes.

The collaboration is probably one of the first of several to solve Honor’s supply problems. A partnership with Qualcomm has not yet been announced.

Huawei trade ban

After Huawei came under increasing pressure from various governments over the past year, the company was finally subjected to trade blockades imposed by the US Government. The US Government had put Huawei on a list of companies that could have ties to the Chinese military. As a result, American companies now require licences to trade with Huawei.

Because this made it increasingly difficult for Huawei to get the right parts, the company decided to divest its Honor branch. Now that Honor is a completely independent company, US companies no longer need special licences to supply parts to Honor.