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‘Apple to introduce 12- and 16-core ARM-chips in March’

‘Apple to introduce 12- and 16-core ARM-chips in March’

Apple released the first ARM-based chips voor Macs in 2020, which means Apple is expected to introduce new and even faster chips in 2021. There have been rumours of a 12-core Apple chip by some sources for some months now. New reports indicate that a new Mac product with a faster chip will be available in March.

According to new reports, if you want to get your hands on a new powerhouse Mac, you might not have to wait too long, as it will arrive in March. LeaksApplePro teased the release of a new 12-core Apple Silicon Max but aside from revealing the core count of the chip, no other details were offered.

What could be in the pipeline?

A report by Ming-Chi Kuo redesigned MacBook Pro models with display sizes of 14.1 inches and 16 inches, will be in the market in the second quarter of this year, with both getting Apple’s custom silicon.

The new 14.1-inch MacBook Pro could have the 12-core Apple Silicon and the 16-inch MacBook Pro may get a 16-core treatment.

The 16-inch model has more space, offering better cooling for a whopping 16 core. What names the chips will receive is still unclear, but there is speculation about an M1 and M2 chip.

Nothing is certain yet

A different report states that a desktop-class 5nm A14T chip is in development, for the new iMac line. With these conflicting reports and Apple keeping a tight lid on new devices, a good guess would be that the next Apple Silicon Mac (especially the 14.1-inch model) will feature the M2.

However, this is all speculation at this point. The 12-core chip could get split into eight performance cores with four dedicated to power efficiency. We can only wait now and see what comes along.

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