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The Chinese smartphone brand Xiaomi is fast climbing the ranks in the smartphone industry and recently overtook Apple to become the second-largest smartphone vendor globally.

According to new figures, it has also become the number one smartphone brand by the number of sales in Europe.

The numbers are in

Xiaomi also overtook Samsung for the most significant smartphone brand, with 12.7 million phones shipped to the continent in the second quarter. In contrast, Samsung saw a dip of 7% in their European sales, although the brand still retains its position as the best-selling smartphone brand worldwide.

Smartphone shipments saw an increase in Europe in the COVID recovery period, during which Apple also saw some gains in the sale, up by 15.7%, particularly for the iPhone 12. In addition, Xiaomi has diversified and added value to its brand image, which has led to a broader appeal for its smartphones in the European market.

Countries that saw an increase in Xiaomi’s popularity include Russia, Ukraine, Italy, and Spain. European consumers have expressed particular interest in the Mi and Redmi line of smartphones, according to reports.

Possible reasons for Xiaomi’s popularity

The smartphone brand’s popularity coincides, and also depends slightly, on the downfall of Huawei, which saw its market share drop significantly in Europe after it lost access to the Google and Apple services in 2019.

Most reviews for Xiaomi have been positive, with the flagship Mi 11 being quite popular with smartphone users. Consumers were impressed by the phone’s value and competitive prices, especially when compared to similar smartphones of the same caliber.

The Mi 11 costs significantly less than the Galaxy S21, and some users have even likened it to the premium S21 Ultra, giving it a competitive edge over Samsung for its affordable prices. Encouraged by its success in Europe, the company is now considering launching into the American market soon.