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Lenovo appears to be working on a 17″ ThinkBook Plus with a second display located next to the laptop’s keyboard.

The image of the prototype was leaked by Evan Blass, a blogger who leaked dozens of concepts from hardware manufacturers over the past decade — and is usually correct.

The leak indicates that Lenovo is likely interested in broadening its dual screen laptop offering. Dual screen models include a second display in or around the position where keyboards are traditionally placed.

Lenovo made an earlier attempt with the Yoga Book, whose second display serves as a complete replacement for the keyboard. Keys are presented digitally on the display; typing is done via touch. The new leak shows a different approach. The traditional keyboard remains intact, and the second display serves as a stand-alone addition. Intel delivered a similar design with the Honeycomb Glacier; ASUS with the ZenBook Pro Duo.


The leaked image speaks volumes about possible practical applications. Should the prototype appear on the market, the second display should be useful among graphics professionals for making detailed adjustments while keeping a view of the entire project intact on the primary display.

Usability in other fields is as broad or limited as the final specifications of the second display allow. Should the resolution and aspect ratio permit full web page display, the design gains ground as a compact, secondary monitor for on-the-go.


The leak is by no means a confirmation of an upcoming release. Although Evan Blass — the blogger who managed to obtain and share the image — has rarely been wrong, an image source is not provided.

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