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There are plenty of rumours around foldable smartphones. Earlier this week, there was news that the foldable Samsung phone could also be used as a tablet. But there are also manufacturers who are working on simply foldable tablets. Lenovo comes, according to the latest rumors, short-term with a foldable tablet, with display of LG Display.

That, at least, is what the South Korean news website ET News says in a news item. Lenovo’s foldable tablet would have a 13-inch screen when fully unfolded, and 8 to 9 inches when folded. Initially, the foldable tablet would only be sold in China, but later also in other markets.

Tablet, not a smartphone

According to ET News, LG Display sees more opportunities in the field of foldable tablets than smartphones. According to ET, this is because the screen of a smartphone is hidden when someone folds it up. With a smartphone this is inconvenient, because a user wants to be able to use a smartphone almost all day long.

It is also easier to build a durable panel for a tablet. A smartphone will be unfolded all day long. In the case of a tablet, this is different; the screen will only be unfolded a few times a day at the most. This is especially better for the lifetime and given the relatively early stage of development of the technology, it is better to opt for a form in which the screen does not need to be constantly unfolded.

Innovation at last

Lenovo is expected to market the device as early as the second half of 2019. This makes it increasingly likely that a new round of innovation will start in the smartphone and tablet markets. In recent years, the rack was a bit out of place and there were few major new innovations. The advent of telephones and tablets with foldable screens is an entirely new step and a new innovation.

Several companies are working on foldable smartphones. Besides Samsung, LG, ZTE and Huawei also come up with such devices. Rumour has it that Microsoft is also busy developing such a device.

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