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LG released the LG Ultra PC 17″ 17U70Q, a compact and innovative laptop with advanced features and exclusive specs.

The all-new LG Ultra PC 17 17U70Q is a lightweight and compact but highly futuristic laptop. LG refers to its new laptop model as a mobile workstation. It comes with a 17-inch display which makes it easy to carry. The display has a 16:10 aspect ratio with a 2560×1600 resolution. It provides a large screen and an RTX 3050 Ti mobile graphics card in a 0.78 inches thick laptop.

LG Ultra PC 17″ 17U70Q

The laptop is fast as its GPU features 16GB of DDR5-4800 dual-channel RAM and 4GB of GDDR6. The 17U70Q is powered by an Intel Core i7-1260P, which offers excellent power and faster operations. The LG Ultra PC 17″ 17U70Q has a maximum storage of 512GB.

Having an 80Wh battery, the new LG laptop can run up to nine hours. Moreover, the machine has an RJ45 ethernet port, a Micro SD card reader, a 3.5mm jack, HDMI 2.1 port, a Thunderbolt 4 port and three USB-A ports.

Glance feature

LG tends to introduce innovative features in new products. It included an emerging feature known as ‘Glance’, which detects whether someone is in front of the screen or not. The laptop will be locked if no one is present within 13 inches to 29 inches of its camera.

Moreover, the screen will blur to offer more security if someone is sneaking a quick look at the laptop from the side. In the case of a multi-screen setup, the computer automatically detects which screen the user sees and brings the cursor there.