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Lenovo to hire 12,000 new R&D employees in the next 3 years

Lenovo to hire 12,000 new R&D employees in the next 3 years

Lenovo has disclosed plans to employ 12,000 research and development personnel over the next three years to support the business’s “client-edge-cloud-network-intelligence” IT architecture.

According to its statement, the new employees will supplement the 5,000 hires that the firm made in the previous fiscal year.

According to the Chinese PC manufacturer, these new hires will be responsible for developing new products and innovative business strategies, incubating technologies ranging from edge computing to what businesses need to capitalize on the metaverse, and emerging and disruptive innovations such as next-gen AI and heterogeneous computing.

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A focus on innovation

Chairman and CEO Yuanqing Yang outlined the company’s intentions as it entered the new fiscal year. He reiterated Lenovo’s promise to double its R&D expenditure over the next three years, saying that R&D remained a principal focus for the firm.

Yang said that the investment strategy would be based on the ‘Client-Edge-Cloud-Network-Intelligence’ architecture, with a three-pronged approach focusing on immediate, medium, and long-term returns.

He continued to say that the goal is to strike a balance between quick-to-market technology and basic research and continual improvement and transformational innovation.

An eye on climate

Lenovo has declared its objective to achieve net-zero by 2050 and its R&D commitments. According to the firm, it met and surpassed its 2020 emission reduction targets a year ahead of schedule and has already set science-based goals for 2030.

Lenovo announced that cloud, digital transformation, and hybrid work successes helped the firm earn $640 million in the third quarter, marking the company’s sixth consecutive quarter of net income growth of over 50%.

According to WRAL TechWire’s Jobs Report, Lenovo has roughly 300 unfilled positions in the Triangle already. The announcement was made at Lenovo’s annual kick-off ceremony, a corporate tradition.