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In most organizations today, IT is supporting a hybrid or multi cloud environment with a mix of on premises infrastructure and public cloud applications. If you’re still running your compute, networking and storage on legacy infrastructure, chances are your organization is being severely held back due to system complexity and time-consuming deployments involving multiple teams.

One of the key attributes of the public cloud providers is the ability to grow or shrink compute and storage capacity as needed. It can be usefull to handle demand spikes or seasonal swings in business activity.

Hyper- Converged Infrastructure (HCI) provides similar benefits to on-premises infrastructure. HCI allows IT to pool compute and storage resources from a cluster of servers and allocate those resources as needed by business applications running on the server cluster. Growing or shrinking the resources allocated to an application is simple, providing your organization with the flexibility to better align IT resources to business need. HCI usage has grown over the years, with organizations now using HCI even for critical applications and databases.

Refreshing and modernizing your IT infrastructure with Lenovo’s Intel powered ThinkAgile VX platform with VMware vSAN provides the agile and scalable platform your organization needs to support modern application development and roll out cloud services both internally and for your customers.

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