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After the ThinkPad the ThinkBook: with this new laptop line Lenovo launches budget friendly laptops aimed at young employees within SMEs. The devices must be both beautiful and powerful.

At his Accelerate-event in Orlando, Lenovo launches a new sub-brand for his laptops. The ThinkPad series gets a little brother with ThinkBook. Lenovo has a very clear market positioning in mind for the new business lineup. The Chinese manufacturer builds the equipment for millennials working in an SME environment.


The SME aspect comes from the capacities of the laptop. The devices are available in different screen sizes and have variations of Intel’s eighth generation carcass on board that support various levels of office productivity. Think of e-mailing up to and including the firmer spreadsheet. These are not workstations, although the systems are optionally available with AMD Radeon 540X-gpu. They are also equipped with the necessary business features, such as biometric identification secured by a new TPM.

Specifically, two devices are appearing on the market: the ThinkBook 13s and the ThinkBook 14s, with 13 and 14 inch screens respectively. The aircraft weigh 1.34 and 1.5 kg, and are equipped with FHD displays. These can be folded up to 180 degrees, so you can lay them flat on the desk, but they can’t be folded down. The manufacturer advertises a battery life of 11 hours for the 13s and 10 hours for the larger 14s. Lenovo opts for an aluminium finish that gives it a premium look, and also shows a visible distinction between the ThinkBooks and the traditional black ThinkPads.


Because they are business laptops, Lenovo provides different levels of support for the devices. There is both traditional support and a do-it-yourself option with the Vantage diagnostic software. This option should enable small businesses without an IT department in particular to carry out maintenance easily.

The introduction of ThinkBook as a brand seems to be a good move by Lenovo, which has so far fully marketed its business portfolio under the name ThinkPad. Other manufacturers such as HP have long distinguished between different stages of business hardware, with EliteBook in the high end spectrum, and ProBook just below.

The Lenovo ThinkBook 13s and Lenovo Thinkbook 14s will be available from June, with a starting price of 699 euros.

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