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iMac Pro may launch in Spring of 2022

iMac Pro may launch in Spring of 2022

Ross Young, a display analyst with a penchant for providing accurate insights about what Apple plans, recently said that the new iMac Pro will launch in the spring of 2022. Spring in the Northern hemisphere starts on March 20th and ends on June 21st.

Apple often has its events in the spring, which means the new iMac could come out at the annual spring event.

Several years have gone by as fans wait for a redesigned high-end iMac with no launch date specified until recently. Some reports predicted it was close, but it seems destined for 2022.

Young’s predictions

Young narrowed down the speculation to focus on a timeframe in Q1 in 2022 before settling on a springtime for its release date. Many reports have indicated that the new premium iMac will be named the iMac Pro and could help Apple simplify how it names things and differentiate it from the M1 chip-enabled 24-inch iMac.

Earlier rumours had said something along the lines of ‘the new iMac would have a larger display’. Young’s guess is different, though. He seems convinced the iMac will retain the same 27-inch display size.

But that’s not all Young had to say about the display.

Display properties

Even though it could retain the same screen size, the iMac Pro could feature a mini-LED panel with ProMotion to support refresh rates of up to 120Hz, just like what’s on the latest high-end MacBooks.

The machine will also feature a new slimmer build, extra ports (Thunderbolt ports, an SD card slot, and HDMI port) for enhanced connectivity, options for the M1 Max and M1 Pro chip, among other goodies. The design will sport black bezels and use the Pro Display design, similar to XDR.

The approximate cost? About $2,000 at least.