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Government agencies and state-owned firms in China are expected to replace foreign PCs.

According to the news portal of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Chinese government agencies and state-owned firms will replace foreign PCs with domestically made machines to increase Chinese technology development and control consumer privacy.

The new order comes as part of the Made in China 2025 plan. China drew up the initiative to become a world leader in ten sectors, including aerospace, maritime shipping and new energy vehicles. The decision to phase out foreign devices comes just months after premier Li Keqiang made his first official visit to tech giant Foxconn’s headquarters in Shenzhen.

What will happen to foreign PC companies?

The Chinese government is taking steps to replace foreign hardware with locally made alternatives. Central and local Chinese governments will have homegrown information technology systems. The initiative extends to state firms, which are (partly) owned by the government and used for state purposes.

China’s moves promise to reduce foreign companies’ access to China. Domestic firms stand to benefit, such as Lenovo, which already supplies many of Beijing’s agencies with computers.

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