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The company hails what it calls the World’s First Windows-based All-in-One Collaboration Bar

This week Lenovo announced its latest high-end webcam, the ThinkSmart One Smart Collaboration Bar. The company made the announcement at Infocomm 2022 in Las Vegas. The product is due to become generally available in October 2022 with a price tag of 2400 euros.

The ThinkSmart One is designed for small to medium meeting rooms or dedicated home office spaces, according to Lenovo. The ThinkSmart One all-in-one (AIO) bar is the world’s first running Windows 10 IoT Enterprise and powered by an embedded 11th Gen Intel Core™ processor with vPro technology. It supports familiar video conferencing applications such as Microsoft Teams Rooms or Zoom Rooms , and features eight microphone arrays with echo and noise cancellation. It also boasts 15-Watt stereo speakers and an integrated high-resolution camera with wide field of view, ThinkSmart One offers an exceptional audio-visual experience.

ThinkSmart One can be easily installed, managed and customized centrally through Lenovo’s ThinkSmart Manager app and offers enhanced security levels available with Intel vPro security and Windows 10 IoT Enterprise operating system. The AIO bar also includes the 10.1-inch touch screen ThinkSmart Controller, the same as provided with our Core room kits, for simple and easy control of meetings.

Targeted at the hybrid work environment

Purpose-built to anticipate a continued growth of hybrid meeting spaces as traditional offices are transformed into more dynamic and collaborative business centers, ThinkSmart One extends Lenovo’s video conferencing and collaboration platforms that play a critical role in helping employee productivity and engagement.

“Addressing hybrid collaboration challenges isn’t simply a matter of seeing and hearing more clearly. Technology must bring more natural, in-person experiences to virtual engagements and deliver that experience equally for all participants,” said Shannon MacKay, General Manager of Worldwide Smart Collaboration Business, Lenovo. “ThinkSmart One delivers the kind of smart collaboration that fuels innovation through technology that’s ubiquitous, equitable and seamless.”

ThinkSmart One comes standard with three years of Lenovo’s Premier Support, providing access to advanced technicians 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. It also includes one year of Lenovo’s value-added software and services.

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