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Prowise introduced the Touchscreen Ten G2. The digital whiteboard runs on Android 11 and includes hundreds of apps for education. The integrated software was certified by the BSI, a German federal cybersecurity agency.

Prowise develops touchscreens for education. The new Touchscreen Ten G2 comes in a 75-inch and 86-inch version. Both versions have a 4K Ultra HD resolution.

Touchscreen Ten G2

The model includes Android 11 and hundreds of apps for education. Prowise Presenter helps teachers create lessons, Prowise Screen Control allows remote touchscreen management and cloud services support automatic software updates. After testing the software, the BSI — a German federal agency — awarded Prowise with an IT-Grundschutz certificate for cybersecurity.

The model comes with four touchscreen pens. According to Prowise, the writing experience is similar to pen and paper. The pens and touchscreen support palm recognition, a feature that was added to Prowise’s operating system earlier this year. Whenever a user’s palm accidentally touches the whiteboard while writing, the system discards the input.

Enterprise software and sensors

The whiteboard is equipped with widely used business software. Apps like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Skype and Zoom can be used without an external PC or additional costs. Prowise’s operating system includes common education tools, including a work planner, ratio table and number line.

Built-in sensors allow users to measure a classroom’s humidity, temperature, CO2 levels, gases and dust particles. Storage capacity peaks at 64GB and the model supports wifi 6. Prowise’s operating system has multiple features for IT administrators, including a mobile device management (MDM) app for software updates and configurations.

The Prowise Touchscreen Ten G2 is available immediately. Pricing is disclosed on request.

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