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EnGenius introduced Fit, a wifi solution for small businesses. The solution consists of a switch, two access points and a free network management tool. According to EnGenius, the tool is simple enough to allow any employee or business owner to configure a wifi network, experienced or not.

The networking market is changing. The more data and devices we use, the more important ease of use becomes. Large organizations increasingly look to network-as-a-service to reduce complexity. Small businesses have the same demand, but for them, the offering is limited.

You don’t need expensive switches or access points to build a network. Simple consumer routers provide wifi connectivity just as well. The problem is a lack of management and security. The safety features and management options of consumer devices are typically too limited for business use.

In that regard, small businesses face a fork in the road. On the one hand, you want a secure, fast and reliable network. On the other hand, you don’t fancy the management and costs traditionally involved. EnGenius launched Fit in an attempt to solve the dilemma.

EnGenius Fit

According to the organization, the new solution allows any employee or business owner to build a fast, secure and inexpensive wifi network. The solution has three components: a switch, two access points and a free network management tool. EnGenius claims the tool allows users without networking experience to successfully configure and manage a network.

Despite its simplicity, the network is secure and reliable. Customers can choose from six different switches and three different access points, including an outdoor access point. The management tool is free. You pay for the equipment without getting locked into a license. The software runs in the cloud, allowing users to configure and manage a network with mobile apps and browsers.

Pricing and availability are unknown at the time of writing.

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