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The password manager vendor has decided to move to an open source DevOps strategy

Dashlane has announced that it has made the source code for its Android and iOS apps available on GitHub. The code is now open sourced under GitHub’s Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 license, the company said. The announcement came in the form of a blog post that appeared on Dashlane’s website.

The main benefit of making this code public is that anyone can audit the code and understand how Dashlane builds its mobile application. Customers as well as industry players can also explore the algorithms and logic behind password management software in general, the company said.

The benefits of open source

Dashlane explained that with their new open source strategy, business customers “or those who may be interested” can better meet compliance requirements by being able to review the Dashlane code. In addition, Android or iOS engineers, whether they’re job candidates “or just curious”, can share thoughts about the code. “We always love to hear feedback”, the company added.

Another aspect is that white-hat hackers can test their skills and leverage the code to find vulnerabilities or security issues. Dashlane operates a HackerOne Bug Bounty program for such hackers to report any vulnerabilities they find.

Future plans for the open source platform

“While we are not yet in a position to accept contributions to the code, in the future we aspire to make it so external contributors can suggest improvements directly in GitHub”. Dashlane explained. “But this also requires another level of internal organization”, they admitted.

“We took the first step of making the source code available knowing that this is just the start of the journey”, the announcement continued. The company then said it planned to “share more as soon as we can”.

Dashlane confirmed that developers won’t be able to build their own Dashlane with this code. “We’re sharing the recipe”, they explained, “but we had to leave out a few of the ingredients that make it our own”.