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Computest DevOps acquisitions merge to form Heeyoo

Computest DevOps acquisitions merge to form Heeyoo

Computest DevOps, CloseSure and SYSQA are together now called Heeyoo. The new company has 200 specialists in Data & BI, Quality Assurance and software testing. There are already six branches spread throughout the Netherlands.

With the announcement, Computest split off its own DevOps division along with CloseSure and SYSQA. Those two companies were acquired by Computest last year. Since those acquisitions, the company says it has been working to integrate these entities. It hopes to build on the strengths of all three organizations.

Spread throughout the Netherlands

A new building in Utrecht is one of six spread throughout the Netherlands. This prevents employees or customers from having to travel long distances. “This allows one to benefit from the professionalism of a large organization and the personal touch of a regional approach,” the press release states. The company then says it will pay close attention to onboarding, training and knowledge sharing. All under the new motto “Happy people, better business.

“The organization that we have established with six locations, each with its own final manager, fits the personal and informal culture that is so characteristic of the three companies that have now become Heeyoo together,” says Hartger Ruijs, founder of Computest DevOps and interim CEO of Heeyoo. “Moreover, it makes the organization very scalable. The offices all have room to expand further. With a new positioning, name and a group of inspired specialists, together we are ready to grow further and introduce even more organizations in the Netherlands to Heeyoo.”

In the new “About Heeyoo” description, the new company characterizes itself by being “distinguished by positive and inquisitive people with a high level of knowledge.” Customers can visit the brand new website (Dutch).