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VMware wants to use Broadcom investments to simplify its offerings

VMware wants to use Broadcom investments to simplify its offerings

VMware wants to use the R&D investments promised by Broadcom primarily to make its platform easier to use. Customers will also get a better overview of VMware solutions that may be of interest to them.

According to The Register, VMware has clear plans for the billions in R&D investments promised by Broadcom in the acquisition process. The main destination for these promised investments is to simplify the use of the platform and its various solutions and applications. Currently, these are often viewed by customers as very complex, which causes VMware solutions and applications to fail to catch on with the public or to delay upgrades.

Improved lifecycle management

VMware’s plans include addressing the lifecycle management of its products, especially focusing on their speed. According to the tech giant, this can still be improved.

In addition, the products should become more consumable and easier to purchase. Improved lifecycle management also gives administrators more time to see if unused VMware tools and features are of interest to them.

Furthermore, improved lifecycle management also gives larger customers more options for faster updating of large quantities or “fleets” of servers. For example, for VMware vSphere. The tech giant is reportedly already working on this.

Moreover, with improved lifecycle management, VMware would be better able to demonstrate that its products actually add value. This is especially important as the tech giant increasingly tries to move customers to a subscription model.

Other pluses of enhanced lifecycle management include providing more storage options and more integration with the entire VMware ecosystem.

More applications and use cases

In addition to lifecycle management, the advent of applications and use cases for the VMware platform is also a key focus for expected R&D investment. These include, for example, infrastructure to facilitate the implementation of generative AI workloads, which require modern underlying databases and other modern technology.

Increased internal focus on innovation

Finally, VMware indicates that the investments are useful for strengthening internal attention to innovation. For example, for making just small changes that give users a lot of practical functionality.

The investments should also help VMware development teams think and work in a more “platform-oriented” way, instead of focusing only on their own products and services and wanting to deliver them as quickly as possible.

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