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PostgreSQL version 16 was released recently. This latest version of the open-source database adds performance-enhancing functionality for replication and monitoring, parallel queries, bulk loading and further support for SQL/JSON standards, among other things.

The arrival of PostgreSQL 16 gives users many performance-enhancing features that help handle everyday workloads, according to its developers. This is regardless of whether the workloads are small or large.

Replication and monitoring functionality

Important improvements include data replication and monitoring functionality. Among other things, support is now available for logical replication from a standby node. This is especially useful when users have large volumes of workloads on the primary instance and want to offload logical replication to a less crowded standby instance.

On the monitoring front, existing functionality has been extended to include pg_stat_io measurements. This allows database administrators to look at statistics around I/O usage.

Other functionality

Other functionality implemented in PostgreSQL 16 includes support for parallel transactions and user queries, security updates for setting privileges for admin capabilities, bulk loading and improved development capabilities. The latter includes improved support for SQL and JSON standards.

PostgreSQL16 is available immediately.

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