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Salesforce has introduced MuleSoft Anypoint Code Builder. The tool allows developers to develop and build APIs and integrations easier and faster.

The MuleSoft Anypoint Code Builder tool is an integrated application and software development environment that allows developers to develop and build APIs and integrations easier, faster and cheaper. The tool uses Visual Studio Code to make this possible.

Features of the tool include generative AI functionality with Einstein for Anypoint Code Builder. This is still a pilot solution, but it lets developers use natural language prompts to create code and integration flows and create visual representations of the code. It also allows them to generate the business logic needed to connect systems and applications.

In addition, developers get access to an understandable ecosystem of various extensions for providing interoperability between different technology stacks and ecosystems. The tool also provides various flexible deployment environments, from desktops to dedicated cloud-based IDEs.

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Specific integrations

Furthermore, MuleSoft Anypoint Code Builder provides several industry-specific integrations. These integrations are designed for the healthcare, financial services and retail industries.

MuleSoft Anypoint Code Builder is available immediately for desktop environments. The MuleSoft Anypoint Code Builder (Cloud) version is currently available in beta and the general release is expected in the second quarter of 2024.

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