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During VMware Explore, VMware announces Tanzu will include new features for generative AI. Furthermore, Tanzu Applications Service 5.0 is being unveiled.

According to VMware, application development today is becoming increasingly complex. Organizations are running into many silos, inefficiencies and risks in the process. Tanzu should help in this, by simplifying the underlying infrastructure, security and data services. Software and infrastructure teams should work better together by embracing Tanzu so that good apps are delivered faster.

Data integration

To further support this, the Tanzu Application Platform is now going to display DORA metrics. In the developer portal, the platform offers more information on Deployment Frequency and Lead Time for Changes. This promises new capabilities for tracking and benchmarking software delivery performance. In this way, there is more transparency about software delivery toward the business. Also, based on the information, teams can think about improving software delivery.

Another helping hand from VMware toward developers is integrating Tanzu Spring Runtime into Tanzu Application Platform. Spring is a framework for extending the capabilities of Java developers so they can build more applications. The integration gives developers new enterprise features for building the software with Java.

During VMware Explore, Tanzu Application Service 5.0 will also be unveiled. This version “improves the developer experience with a new Postgres tile for DBaaS and AI tile (beta) with an included trained LLM available to the familiar ‘cf push’ experience.” VMware says this update also lowers platform costs and improves workflows for disaster recovery.

Spring AI

Another announcement to simplify developers’ work deals with the open source project Spring AI. VMware created Spring AI to help developers add AI features to Java applications through a simple command. “This project simplifies AI integration into Spring Boot applications, offering portable access to diverse AI models, support of multiple vector databases, and easy change implementations thanks to a portable API,” VMware explains.

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