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For years there has been a fierce battle over internet browsers. Microsoft managed to replace the disgraceful Internet Explorer with Edge quite successfully, but it doesn’t beat Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox for the time being. And so Microsoft has devised a new tactic for attacking the competition.

According to various media, Microsoft is adding 10 warning windows to trial versions of Windows. It warns users not to install a browser other than Edge. The message appears on the screen when the user tries to install another web browser.

A trial only

The Verge writes that Microsoft is currently testing the feature and that it is far from certain that it will actually be introduced. It is remarkable that Microsoft did not mention the update in the various messages about new features in test versions of Windows 10, but that it just crept in.

The notification would not seem to be rolled out to the next version of Windows, which should be released in October. It is possible that the function will be released in a later version, although this will ultimately depend on the reaction of users to it. It is likely that there will be a pretty strong reaction to it – as initial reactions to social media also point out.

In the past, Microsoft has built in these kinds of notifications on a regular basis. Similar notifications were intended, for example, to persuade users to switch from Chrome in particular or Firefox to Edge. Such reports were eventually reversed due to negative reactions from users. However, as in this case, they could all be eliminated.

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