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Microsoft has launched a new tool called Clarity as a beta version. The tool should help website owners understand how visitors behave on their websites. Clarity is an analytics tool. That’s what The Next Web says.

Clarity allows website owners and administrators to run A/B tests and visualises the user experiences and behaviour patterns on a website. The tool should not only help users understand what visitors are seeing, but also solve errors and identify problems with using a website.

Microsoft says that watching Clarity sessions helped discover that some of the people had trouble with Bing were actually using a browser that was infected with malware. However, Clarity is still being developed, so it is likely that more features will be needed before it can compete with other services.


Clarity will have to compete with Optimizely, Google Optimize and Visual Web Optimizer. These services also allow you to run A/B tests, as well as visualisations of user experiences and behaviour patterns on a website. To compete, the Microsoft team wants to add artificial intelligence to Clarity to help identify key user sessions that show abnormal click behavior and JavaScript errors.

In addition, the Clarity team wants to create heatmaps to show how users click and how they scroll across a page. According to Microsoft, the tool must work with every HTML web page that uses the most commonly used two- and three-letter top-level domains. Support for other TLDs is yet to come, but it is being worked on.

It is already possible for users to sign up for the beta version by subscribing to a waiting list with a Microsoft account. How long it takes for someone to be admitted to the beta version is unknown.

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