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Google Chrome also gets a dark mode on Windows 10. That’s what Peter Kasting from Google confirmed on Reddit, reports Techdows. There was already a dark theme available within the incognito window, but outside the private version of the browser it was not possible to use it.

Windows 10 already supports dark mode within Microsoft Edge and Firefox. Google Chrome also has a dark mode for a long time, but that was not the case on Windows 10. Kasting has now confirmed that this is being worked on.

A dark mode converts the light colors in the browser into dark colors. This makes it easier for the eyes to surf the Internet in the evening.

In May 2018, Kasting complained about the absence of a dark theme on Windows 10. “Windows 10 lets users put their apps in dark or light mode. Chrome should respect this,” he said. He also indicated that this had been a popular request from users for some time. When exactly the dark mode appears for Windows 10, is still unknown.

Dark Mode

Since the Anniversary Update, Windows 10 offers a dark mode for various parts of the operating system. Since August last year, this has also been the case for Verkenner. The mode can be activated via Settings > Personal settings > Colors > Choose a default app mode > Dark.

The reason Verkenner got a dark mode later than other apps was because it was a ‘very different creature’. “Although dark mode can easily be applied to modern XAML components in Windows, Explorer contains outdated UI frameworks that are not automatically connected to that infrastructure. With Explorer, we literally had to start from scratch to offer a dark theme for legacy parts of the shell.”

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