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Mozilla wants to release improved version Thunderbird in 2019

Mozilla wants to release improved version Thunderbird in 2019

Mozilla will release a new version of its open source e-mail service Thunderbird this year. Not only will it provide better support for Gmail, but there will also be a new and improved user interface in the near future.

Mozilla will let you know in a new blog post on its website. As part of the plans for 2019, the Thunderbird team will have more colleagues. Where there are currently eight developers working on the mail service, that will soon be fourteen. In this way, the aim is to make the service safer and faster in the short term, and to significantly improve the user experience.

Building on Thunderbird 60

Mozilla has announced in its blog that it will build on the progress it has already made with the release of Thunderbird 60 in August 2018. Major improvements were made to the code and the safety and stability of the overall system, among other things. We heard from users who updated the software that they love the improvements, says community manager Ryan Spies. At the same time, we also heard from users who report problems with legacy add-ons and other changes that disrupt their workflow.

Mozilla wants to meet these users in the short term. We have listened and will continue to listen. We will build on what has made Thunderbird 60 a success and will do our best to address the concerns of users who have experienced problems after the update.

Faster update

Hiring more employees for the development of Thunderbird will help build even better releases, says Spies. For the time being, Mozilla puts the emphasis on Thunderbird’s design and user experience. It does so on the basis of the feedback it has received, and for this reason it will focus primarily on the compatibility with Gmail.

Specifically, there will be more support for Gmail’s labels, which allow users to categorize messages. Ways to ensure that bugs and fixes can be developed more quickly will be explored further. Incidentally, Mozilla stresses that it has not yet completed its roadmap, and that it cannot guarantee that all the changes it has planned will be available at the next release of Thunderbird.

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