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Mozilla: Flash disabled by default from Firefox 69

Mozilla: Flash disabled by default from Firefox 69

The moment that no browser supports the Adobe Flash plug-in is fast approaching. Mozilla also stops supporting it and will do so this year with the release of Firefox 69.

Firefox 69 is Mozilla’s third and final step in discontinuing Flash support. It has to be, because the very buggy plug-in will no longer be supported from December 31, 2020. Flash is the last remaining NPAPI plug-in that was supported by Firefox.

Disabled by default

In a new bug report, Mozilla reported the change for the first time, according to Ghacks. In the bug report you can read that we disable Flash in Nightly 69 by default and then roll it out. The stable version of Firefox 69 will be released at the beginning of September 2019, which can be found in the Mozilla release calendar.

Once Flash is disabled by default in Firefox, users will no longer be prompted to enable Flash. Within the browser settings, users can still choose to activate Flash on certain sites that would otherwise not work.

Mozilla will take two more steps to disable Flash support completely. The second will take place in 2020. Then the support for Flash will completely disappear from the consumer versions of Firefox. Flash will continue to be supported in the Firefox Extended Support Release version until the end of 2020. In 2021 Firefox will refuse to load the plug-in.

Flashless browsers

With this move, Mozilla follows several other browser makers who are already working on Flash-free browsers. Google will disable Flash from Chrome 76 by default. This version will be available from July. Users can also enable Flash, but must give explicit permission for this. Furthermore, between mid-2019 and the end of 2019, Microsoft will disable Flash by default in Edge and Internet Explorer.

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