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Google’s Rewarded Products focuses on earnings app developers

Google’s Rewarded Products focuses on earnings app developers

Google wants to make it easier for Android developers to make money with applications. It does this by launching a new service in Google Play called ‘Rewarded Products‘. This allows developers to offer bonuses as in-game content, in exchange for watching video ads.

With the new option, developers should also be able to earn money from users who are not willing to pay. “One trend is to reward users for an action that can earn money, such as watching a video, with in-game money or other benefits,” says Patrick Davis, Google Play product manager, in a blog post. “This gives users more choice in how they experience an app or game, and it’s an effective way to make money from non-paying users.”

“Users can choose to watch a video ad and receive a reward after that time, for example virtual goods or in game money,” said Davis. For example, after watching the video, a user receives 100 coins for the game they are playing.

Deploy Rewarded Products

The service is not entirely new. Android developers already use ads to make money to users. With the launch of Rewarded Products, however, it is now an official Google Play ‘product’. This makes implementation easier for developers and allows Google to compete with third parties offering similar services.

According to Davis, Rewarded Products is based on the company’s AdMob technology. This gives developers access to a wider selection of advertiser content.

Rewarded Products can be added to any app by using the Google Play Billing Library or AIDL interface. This can be done with a few additional API calls. According to Davis, there is no need to integrate additional SDKs. “This significantly reduces the work required to implement Rewarded Products compared to other options.”

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