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McAfee and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have strengthened their collaboration with the launch of a new database security solution. This concerns McAfee Database Security for Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS).

The new product provides real-time visibility into virtually all database activities, including locally privileged user access, and the ability to monitor and repel advanced attacks from the database, writes TeleAnalysis.

The security of databases is important to many organizations, because they often have hundreds or thousands of databases in the cloud. However, when migrating database workloads to the cloud, many companies fear losing the control they have on premise. McAfee and AWS want to offer the same control with their new suite.

In addition, the new solution should make it easier to demonstrate that a company is compliant and protect critical database assets. The monitoring of on premise databases and the protection of database workloads that have migrated to Amazon RDS can also be done from the same product.

Database Security

McAfee Database Security is a software solution that monitors the Database Management System. The suite includes multiple products, including Database Activity Monitoring. This product protects data from virtually all threats, by monitoring activity locally on each database server, and by warning or stopping malicious behavior in real time. It does this even when it is running in a virtual environment or in a cloud computing environment.

Virtual Patching detects missing patches and deploys countermeasures for specific vulnerabilities. It also solves misconfigurations via Database Security, which are found with vulnerability scans. Moreover, no downtime is required for all of this.

There is also the Vulnerability Manager for Databases, which automates data classification and identification of systems within the limits of audits, enables the review and authorisation of user rights and identifies security gaps. It also tackles vulnerabilities in the database through possible misconfigurations,


McAfee Database Security for Amazon RDS can be enabled on any instance of Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL compatibility. Later, the suite will also be available for other Amazon RDS database engines.

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