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Major update for Google’s Flutter cross-platform tool

Major update for Google’s Flutter cross-platform tool

Google’s Flutter framework gets an update. Flutter should make it possible to build apps that work on different platforms at the same time. That goal is now one step closer. For example, Flutter now produces apps that are fully optimised for macOS.

Apps built in Flutter’s Dart programming code will work on all platforms supported by Flutter, writes Silicon Angle. This means that developers only need to build apps once. They don’t have to change the code for another platform, because the framework interprets and converts the code.

After the new update, Flutter’s web application is officially in beta. The app is now more stable than it was when it was introduced in May, according to Google.

Dart also updated

Version 2.7 of the Dart programming language better integrates editor DartPad with Flutter. DartPad can now be used to edit code and to immediately see changes in a rendered user interface.

Flutter now also works with Supernova, a UI prototyping and design tool that automatically generates code based on designs. The same goes for real-time animation tool Rive.

Adobe’s Creative Cloud platform has already been updated to enable integration with Flutter. Users can now export designs from the Adobe XD design tool directly to Flutter.

Ambient computing

Google wants to make ‘ambient computing’ possible with Flutter. This means that anyone can use any app on any platform, anywhere, with the same set of commands.

According to Google, it is important that big steps are taken in ambient computing, because the number of platforms is increasing by the day. In talks with Silicon Angle, the company points to the arrival of smart thermostats and speech assistants, among other things.

Google bought software vendor Flutter in 2013. Among other things, the company developed software to recognise gestures via webcams.