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With the arrival of Forge, Atlassian wants to set a new standard in the development of cloud applications.

The creator of Trello and the Jira apps, among others, introduced the possibility to be placed on the waiting list of Forge. This new development service should make it easier to develop apps in the cloud.

Not only will customers not have to worry about managing their own servers, Forge will also take full responsibility for the security of the services. Combined with a new UI (called Forge UI), it should also be easier for users to find their way around the many features.

Removing the biggest obstacles

Forge allows users to remove some aspects of app creation and add an already finished component. Security for apps is one of the examples mentioned, which allows developers to fully focus on functionality.

In addition, the Forge UI also ensures that apps can be made for both web and mobile in one go: according to Forge, the advantages of the clear and easy to use interface would result in a significantly faster development time: up to ten times faster than at this moment.

Interested parties can sign up for the closed beta of Forge on Thursday, through the Atlassian website.