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Celonis, a vendor of process mining software, will actively help customers solve the problems found in the workflows of their business systems. To this end, task-oriented Operational Apps will be introduced as part of an update of the Celonis platform.

The latest version of the Celonis platform will not only ensure that problems and bottlenecks are exposed in the workflows of business systems but also ensures they’re automatically solved using AI. This should increase the efficiency of these business systems.

The Operational Apps have been developed using the technology of Banyas, which was acquired last year. This company specialises in automating and improving processes.

Operational apps

In the recently developed application, the existing process mining engine of Celonis, business context, AI and automation have been merged. The applications must ensure that problems in the work processes of the business systems are detected, and are taking care of in an ‘intelligent’ way to optimize business processes to make sure there is a desired outcome.

The applications run on top of existing applications for business processes, such as an ERP system. The Celonis Operational Apps can then be used to determine which business goals need to be achieved. The applications analyze all processes within the company that have to do with these business goals and then intelligently control or improve the processes automatically in order to achieve the goals set.

Sense and Act

The apps use two techniques; Sense and Act. With Sense, the Celonis Process AI Engine analyzes all process data in the source systems, such as SAP or Oracle, and desktop systems. This analysis must expose the so-called ‘process blockers’ that ensure the desired results are not achieved.

AI and machine learning ensure that deviations are detected and signal intelligent real-time actions in context. This way ‘role-based’ predefined KPIs are achieved, employees are controlled, and work processes are given a particular priority. Besides, utilising Sense various actions can take place based on the data from more than 2000 deployed Celonis applications.

Act makes it possible to take rapid action with skills that translate insights directly into tasks. These tasks can then be physically activated fully automatically or with a single click.

Two applications and development platform

Currently, two different Operational Apps have been launched for Supply Chain, Materials Management in Supply Chain, and financial affairs, Accounts Payable. The supplier deems these the most critical areas within companies. This year the Operational Apps will be expanded to include applications for procurement processes, debtors, opportunity management and customer service. Industry-specific applications are also expected to be released this year, whether or not in cooperation with partners.

Celonis has now opened its development platform for automation applications to third parties. As a result, the number of Operational Apps can be increased at a rapid pace. These parties can share the applications they have developed in an app store or marketplace.