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Salesforce introduces low-code tools for Lightning App Builder

Salesforce introduces low-code tools for Lightning App Builder

Salesforce has added two low-code tools to its Lightning App Builder solution, Dynamic Forms and Dynamic Actions. The tools help create event-driven forms and pages that change in real-time.

Salesforce states that customers recently asked for the new functionality. The tools help users create forms and pages that can be changed in real-time faster. With low code, there’s little or no code experience required, so virtually any end-user can do this.

Customize forms and pages in real-time

The Dynamic Forms feature allows developers to build forms that change when a user is filling them out. ‘On the fly’ rules can be set up to show certain fields based on other field values. Fields can be placed anywhere in the form.

Dynamic Actions

The other tool, Dynamic Actions, makes it possible to guide end-users through the application with an intuitive step-by-step process. This tool also allows users to assign specific actions to certain persons, without others having access to these actions. Again, the actions can be based on certain fields or user information.

Interest in low- and no-code rises

Since the beginning of the corona crisis, the use of low- and no-code tools has increased significantly. Salesforce has seen a great deal of interest in its Flow Builder tool in particular. This tool helps users automate their business processes. In March of this year, Salesforce saw 25 percent more processes automated than in 2018. This involved a total of more than 3.5 billion processes.

Tip: Developers can build apps for free on the Salesforce platform