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Chef focuses on security with new products Compliance and Desktop

Chef focuses on security with new products Compliance and Desktop

Chef introduced two new products, Chef Compliance and Chef Desktop. These products provide an easy way to enforce cybersecurity policies in business systems.

Chef Compliance offers the possibility to define a set of security rules that a system must adhere to and then regularly check if it complies with the rules. Compliance also performs other tasks, including assessing whether a server is sensitive to the notorious Meltdown vulnerability or inspecting a Kubernetes implementation to see if the security settings follow industry best practices.

Administrators using Chief Compliance can make exceptions to security rules for applications that have special requirements, view compliance violations in a dashboard, and use automated remediation tools included in the package to address those violations. Compliance is a commercial version of Chef’s open-source inSpec framework.

Chef Desktop

Chef Desktop enables IT teams to secure employees’ computers and workstations with Chef’s automation capabilities. Administrators can configure security settings and remove OS patches. Administrators can also perform other tasks, such as installing work-related applications. With Chef Desktop, the company focuses on reducing the risks of working from home as employees are increasingly unable to go to the office due to the coronacrisis.

Chef Enterprise Automation Stack

Chef announced the products at its digital Chef Online event. The company also presented a new version of Chef Enterprise Automation Stack. This update introduces enhanced infrastructure monitoring features and comprehensive software package management tools for development projects.