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Most companies are currently in the process of migrating their application environments to the cloud on a large scale. This is the outcome of a study conducted worldwide by database specialist MariaDB.

According to the study, companies learned a lot from the recent impact of the corona crisis on their business operations. They now recognise that they need to be prepared to migrate their entire business environment to the cloud.

Increased migration

About 20 percent of respondents indicate that they have now started migrating their application environments to the cloud, and more than one-third report that they have accelerated their migration process. In addition, almost a third of respondents indicate that they will transfer all their IT operations to the cloud within the foreseeable future.

Important reasons

The researchers identify two main reasons why companies are now accelerating the migration process. First of all, they would like to ensure that remote working is possible at all times. Secondly, to allow more and more employees to work remotely.

Cloud infrastructure is ideal ‘by default’, according to MariaDB’s researchers. Companies must further realise that many of the changes that are currently being implemented due to the crisis will be permanent, and they will have to be prepared for them. This means that the most critical applications, the databases and the associated analytics must be brought to the cloud at a faster rate.