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Boomi launches framework of best practices for data management

Boomi launches framework of best practices for data management

Dell Technology subsidiary Boomi presented its Blueprint framework, which should help companies achieve their digital ambitions and a good Return on Investment (ROI) faster.

The Blueprint framework includes a set of services and best practices to help companies implement their digital services faster and in a better way. With the framework, they can react more quickly to technological changes and better align their digital platforms with the desired business results.

The services offered by the Boomi Blueprint framework include Leadership Guidance and practical design and implementation services. The framework builds on Boomi’s Integration Center of Excellence (ICoE) service, which was presented early this year.

Leadership Guidance

In concrete terms, Leadership Guidance consists of services for the right platform strategy. These focus, among other things, on the integration of the various platforms. This should help clients determine their digital ambitions, map the current state of affairs in this area and define the roadmap for the future. Attention is paid in particular to the consequences for employees, processes and technology.

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In addition, Boomi also made the Digital Ideation Lab available for this component. This is a pop-up innovation lab where digital specialists research technologies, develop prototypes and create reference architectures for the rapid deployment of the desired business data management services.

Help with design

In addition to Leadership Guidance, supporting practical design or Design Practices is also part of the Blueprint framework. Within this support program, Boomi and the Platform Architecture service ensure that companies receive the right architecture and process guidance in the most important phases of an integration Platform as a Service implementation.

The Platform Assurance service ensures that existing implementations are in line with the desired end dates, the various roadmaps and standards. The service ensures that all these components are ultimately in line with the digital ambitions of customers and partners.

Support during implementation

The Boomi framework also includes practical support for companies in implementing their digital strategy. Each organisation starts at a different point in the integration process and has its own unique strengths, opportunities and limitations. According to Boomi, these need to be recognised and included in a modernisation program. Boomi’s architects help organisations build, manage and expand a customised Integration Center of Excellence (ICoE) to develop an innovative and modern digital enterprise that is more collaborative and community-oriented.

The Boomi Blueprint framework and reference architecture are generally available through the Boomi Community Boomiverse.

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