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Microsoft’s new Jupyter extension supports more than Python

Microsoft’s new Jupyter extension supports more than Python

The new VS extension has been refactored to support languages such as R and Julia.

Last week Microsoft announced that the November 2020 release of the Python Extension for Visual Studio Code is now available. In this release, the company are introducing the Jupyter extension, which the Python extension now takes a dependency on.

The Jupyter support of the Python extension has been refactored into the Jupyter extension. This is the extension that shipped on November 12th. This refactoring will allow for the same Jupyter Notebooks experience to be enabled for other languages, according to Microsoft.

Claudia Regio is Microsoft’s Program Manager, Python Data Science & AI Tools for VS Code. She emphasizes that Python, there’s no change in the experience as the Jupyter extension now comes installed with the Python extension.

An important expansion beyond Python

Python is now one of the top-two programming languages according to industry analysts. In fact, some indexes have rated Python as even more popular than Java, the widely used software that Oracle gained after its 2008 acquisition of Sun Microsystems. 

Python has been made even more popular by the numerous downloads of Python extension for Microsoft’s VS Code, one of the most popular code editors on the market. 

Indeed, Python has become the go-to language for many developers. This is because it is most adept for thousands of small projects, according to RedMonk analyst Steve O’Grady.

Microsoft these days is a huge open-source advocate, supporting open-source Python in developer tools, including the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE). 

Other enhancements shipping this month

Microsoft have also added small enhancements and fixed issues requested by users that should improve the user experience working with Python in Visual Studio Code.

For example, they have updated the logic for parsing and sending selected code to the REPL. This is currently under experimentation, but available in the Insiders Program. (#14048). They have also fixed the “TypeError: message must be set” error when debugging with pytest. (#14067)