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The pay-per-use cloud services run on-premises or in a colocation facility.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) this week announced that it is now offering its market-leading HPC solutions as a service through HPE GreenLake. The initiative aims to accelerate mainstream enterprise adoption of high performance computing (HPC).

The move is HPE’s attempt to capitalise on two well-established market trends. That is, a broadening adoption of HPC in the enterprise combined with accelerating demand for cloud-based HPC.

GreenLake cloud services allow customers to combine the power of an elastic, pay-per-use cloud experience with HPC systems from HPE. This allows enterprises to handle their most demanding compute and data-intensive workloads through a flexible as-a-service platform. Customers can run the platform on-premises or in a colocation facility.

The new offering removes the complexity and cost associated with traditional HPC deployments, according to the company. Greenlake delivers “managed, pre-bundled services based on purpose-built HPC systems, software, storage and networking solutions. The solution is available in small, medium or large options.

Customers can order the new services through a self-service portal with simple point-and-click functions. These allow customers to choose the right configuration for their workload needs. Deployment is fast, with customers receiving services in as little as 14 days.

Fast HPC deployment at lower cost

According to Intersect360 Research, the HPC market will grow by more than 40% by 2024. This surge will be needed to support ongoing data growth, they say. The growth stems from data from emerging applications and endpoints such as AI training models and edge devices.

However, traditional deployment and management of HPC systems is costly, complex, and resource-intensive. Top concerns involve system costs, operational costs related to power and cooling, and lack of skilled HPC technical staff. Thuis according to a study by Hyperion Research.

HPE seeks to simplify this experience by offering its world-leading HPC portfolio through HPE GreenLake cloud services. The Greenlake solution speeds up deployment of HPC projects by up 75%. It also reduces capital expenditures by up to 40%, according to HPE.

Enterprises can now gain fully managed services that allow them to pay for only what they use. This empowers them to focus on running their projects to increase time-to-insight and accelerate innovation, according to HPE.