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VMware has announced its Anywhere Workspace. It is a set of tools that allow companies to securely and actively enable their employees to work remotely.

Anywhere Workspace combines VMware’s Workspace One digital workspace platform with Carbon Black’s endpoint security solutions and SASE offering. It aims to address the challenges organisations have faced since the outbreak of the corona pandemic last year. Employees work both on work devices and from their own computers to access a variety of data and applications in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Bringing best products together

“Even though each of these three products are best-in-class leaders, customers are asking us to do more to bring these together in an integrated offering, where each product capability builds on the capabilities of the others”, Shawn Bass, VMware’s CTO of end-user computing, told SiliconAngle. He believes VMware has built unique integrations that provide value to customers in ways that were not possible in isolation.

VMware is running into three problems, says Shankar Iyer, the senior vice president and general manager of end-user computing. “The first is sub-optimal experience for employees. The second is fragmented security models because there is no longer a trusted device within a corporate network accessing an application inside the data center — it spans a distributed edge. Finally, there’s tremendous operational complexity.”

Alternative to stand-alone solutions

This is why VMware has announced its Anywhere Workspace. The company wants to offer an alternative to a loose set of solutions and provide tools that apply to all employees, regardless of the device used. VMware believes this should reduce friction between employees and IT, as well as costs and overhead.

Iyer speaks of three specific value propositions. These consist of allowing employees to use any device of their choice, delivering security across the distributed edge based on a zero-trust model, and automation and analytics for the IT staff.


VMware is making Anywhere Workspace available immediately. This summer, the company will also add its Cloud Web Security service for VMware SASE. More information will be available at an online event hosted by VMware on May 5. Registration for the event is free and can be done through the VMware website.

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