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JDK 17 features a rich profusion of updates in security, performance, and bug fixes. It also introduces an improvement in language, as well as a platform for developers. JDK 17 is expected to be supported until September 2029.

Java 17 released after three years

The partnership of Oracle engineers with Java’s developer community has finally led to the release of Java 17, which is the latest long-term support (LTS) under Java’s six-month release pattern. Java 17 succeeds JDK 11 LTS, which was rolled out three years ago.

JDK 17 offers numerous updates, including improvements in security, language, performance, bug fixes, and more.

Convenient licensing

All JDK releases after Java 17 extend a free-to-use licensing policy for a full year following the new LTS release.

Flexibility in migration

Organizations are now being provided with accommodating schedules for migration to the new Java LTS version. As a result, businesses have the liberty to choose to migrate and do it on their schedule. Moreover, firms can migrate to Java 17 at their own pace since Oracle LTS and Java SE Subscription support the latest version.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)-native service

The new kit also comes with the Oracle Java Management Service, an OCI-native facility that assists companies with on-premise and cloud management of Java runtimes and applications.

Other improvements

Oracle has introduced a myriad of updates in JDK 17. The new version comes with an improvement in language, enhancements, and upgrades in libraries, compatibility with Mac systems, and several features for removal and deprecation of legacies. Other improvements include a language feature preview and Application Programming Interface (API) incubators to collect data from the globally distributed Java community.

The company has also announced that the new Java code would remain relevant and compatible with upcoming JDK updates.

Although Java 17 has seen tremendous improvements, Oracle has already hinted at the next LTS release of Java 21, which is expected to come out in September 2023.