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A decade after being launched, Atlassian Marketplace has broken $2 billion in sales.

Atlassian Marketplace was launched ten years ago as a platform that can help organizations shift to the cloud. From then till now, the platform has had over 5,300 integrations and apps with Atlassian tools.

This includes 2,500 cloud-based apps, out of which 600 were developed last year alone. Cameron Deatsch, Atlassian’s chief revenue officer at Atlassian Marketplace, says that the platform’s primary focus is to move organizations from on-prem infrastructure to cloud, and the numbers show they were successful.

How does Atlassian aim to grow further

Atlassian aims to constantly grow by providing new services and functionalities to their existing platform. In addition, with cloud gaining massive traction, Atlassian Marketplace is looking to convert more organizations to cloud storage and operations.

Experts believe that the pandemic plays a considerable part in this. With the world under lockdown, organizations have been looking for safer alternatives. Research shows that it took Atlassian Marketplace 7 years to reach its first $1 billion in sales.

The following two years saw it making another $1 billion. This clearly shows that the platform picked up momentum in sales during the lockdown.

Customers such as Audi have used the functionality of Marketplace to simplify the way they run their operations. In addition, the rise of a hybrid workforce is taking precedence over in-house jobs, and Marketplace has helped many customers with this transition.

Customers are crediting Marketplace as one of the most significant enablers of optimizing in-office workflows to an online experience. As more organizations shift to the cloud, Atlassian Marketplace can expect to see faster growth in their sales.