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GitHub announces two-factor authentication mechanism

GitHub announces two-factor authentication mechanism

Github realizes the need for the hour and has announced its very own two-factor authentication mechanism.

The world is realizing the importance of data security. Thus, Github has recently announced the integration of two-factor authentication into its platform. They have enabled this through an application that will allow users to use 2FA through their mobile devices. In addition, the app will further allow security keys, WebAuthn, passcodes, and SMS.

Github’s take on authentication

Github keeps security at the forefront. This is why they have introduced the Github mobile as a feature to provide a better alternative to the OTP options offered by third-party applications. In addition, the platform has led the market to improve the security of their developer’s accounts by introducing support for security keys as a method to authenticate logins for GitHub operations and enforce two-factor authentication for all NPM publishers.

Github claims that this alternative is better for authentication and fully integrated into the Github service already in use. In addition, this offers users the credibility they need without relying on third-party applications to authenticate their access.

Github has also provided links to their users to guide them through the application’s installation process to simplify the process. Setting it up will require a one-time password through SMS, but once it is done, the app will allow push notifications that one can use to authenticate your account.

Why is this a big deal?

This announcement by Github is a step in the right direction. It shows that Github cares about their users’ security and do not want to reply to third-party applications to control the authentication of their accounts. The implementation process is still underway, and Github is already urging its users to start using the application. People are slowly converting towards the new 2FA application, and time will tell if this app offers better functionality or if they go back to third-party apps.