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VMware introduces the application transformer for Tanzu to allow developers to re-engineer legacy applications.

VMware allows developers to quickly discover data, analyze it and store legacy applications in containers. With the introduction of application transformers, developers can now easily re-platform monolithic applications. The tool is based on the 5R framework and uses best practices to offer maximum functionality.

Application transformer for Tanzu

This solution promises to evolve the way developers create and deploy micro-services based on Kubernetes clusters. Application Transformer for Tanzu will also offer cloud-native application deployment and help re-engineer legacy applications. Ashok Aletty, vice president of modern applications at VMware, has claimed that this application transformer will discover a broader range of applications ranging from Linux to Windows.

Future of VMware

VMware aims to position itself as a hybrid cloud computing platform that will allow developers to deploy applications that can function in multiple cloud environments, edge computing systems, and legacy IT environments. Regardless of the media being used, the complexity in the growing enterprise IT environments is evident. Due to these complexities, organizations are now relying heavily on automation to simplify and streamline this process. As enterprise computing continues to grow exponentially, IT teams will need to assess the level of automation they require. This is because it is virtually impossible for IT teams to effectively fulfill their tasks through manual methods in the current state.

While VMware is making great strides in the enterprise IT environment, it is safe to say that this is not their last contribution to the industry, and VMware is looking to enhance the re-engineering of legacy applications to create a ripple effect into the entire IT enterprise. Time will tell how the application transformer has assisted organizations globally.