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Glitch, the proprietor of a popular cloud-based software development platform utilized by over 1.8 million programmers, has been bought by Fastly Inc.

On Thursday, Fastly announced the purchase but did not reveal the terms of the deal. 

NYSE-listed Fastly is a well-known content delivery network (CDN) that helps businesses speed up their websites. The CDN keeps copies of a company’s website material on many servers worldwide. Content is loaded from the nearest server to decrease loading times when a user accesses a website.

Fastly also offers various other services, including edge computing and cybersecurity.

Padding the portfolio

With the purchase of Glitch, the organization will be able to create a strong position in yet another market: developer tooling.

Developers may utilize Glitch’s cloud-based code editor to develop websites and applications. The platform automates many of the time-consuming manual procedures required in software development.

Writing code is often just one of many activities required in developing a website or application. Developers must also set up hardware to execute their code, construct a database for storing application data, and set up other components. It is a highly convenient way of working.

Glitch’s edge among its audience

Glitch provides pre-configured infrastructure for hosting applications, saving customers the time and effort that goes into constructing everything from the ground up.

Glitch’s popularity is also attributed to the way it simplifies some code editing jobs. Finding the particular line of code responsible for an issue in other software development platforms might take a long time. Glitch’s platform facilitates the process by allowing users to rapidly restore a code file to a prior version when an issue is identified, making debugging easier.

The fundamental features of Glitch’s platform are available for free, while income is generated through a premium edition with extra features.

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