Vultr introduces global Content Delivery Network (CDN) platform

Vultr introduces global Content Delivery Network (CDN) platform

Private cloud platform Vultr introduces the Vultr CDN platform that allows (media) companies to place their content closer to the edge of their network. The platform gives the advantage that security is not compromised.

Vultr’s CDN platform offers customers a cloud-based network environment for fast, secure and reliable distribution of content and media worldwide. In addition, this network is optimized for content acceleration, API caching and image optimization, among other things.

Using the Vultr Cloud Compute service, customers can intelligently scale up or down their Vultr CDN network automatically and choose the right locations for content delivery. This should save time and money, according to the company.

Security and low latency

More specifically, the Vultr CDN offers distribution capabilities on six continents. This is done through a robust infrastructure with low latency and high-speed content delivery distributed across several data centres worldwide. According to the company, this is the largest fully privately owned global cloud platform.

The CDN network also offers the best built-in security and compliance features. These include AI Blocking and Bad Bots Blocking. This should protect content and other digital assets from various cyber threats.

The CDN platform further integrates with several popular CMS systems to distribute Vultr CDN cached content. This should reduce latency and planned downtime. End users, therefore, always get the best content experiences. To further reduce latency, the platform offers further global object caching.

Subscription for fast needs

The Vultr CND platform is available starting at $10 per month. The cloud provider offers a so-called “high frequency” subscription for users who need very high speed. The latter subscription runs on servers with vCPUs with very high clock speeds and NVMe local storage capacity. These servers are thereby optimized for websites and CMS systems.

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