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The tech giant touts what it calls “a planet-scale content delivery network”

This week Google announced the general availability of Google Media CDN. The new platform will help media and entertainment customers to deliver streaming experiences across the globe. It is built for customers with huge amounts of streaming content that need high bandwidth and low-latency user experiences.

Shailesh Shukla, vice president of networking at Google Cloud, commented on the release in a blog post. “We’re excited to announce the general availability of Media CDN — a modern, extensible platform for delivering immersive experiences with unparalleled scale and intelligence,” she said.

“Media CDN will enable media and entertainment customers to efficiently and intelligently deliver streaming experiences to viewers anywhere in the world. The same infrastructure that Google has built over the last decade to serve YouTube content to over 2 billion users is now being leveraged to deliver media at scale to Google Cloud customers with Media CDN.”

The Google network delivers speed with security

Media CDN’s foundational advantage is the Google network, Shukla asserts. “We have invested decades of resources to build tremendous capacity and reach in over 200 countries and more than 1,300 cities around the globe,” she says.

“Modern video applications are sensitive to fluctuations in latency, so getting content closer to users enables higher bitrates and reduces rebuffers, resulting in a superior experience for the end user.  Media CDN builds on the success of the existing Cloud CDN portfolio for web and API acceleration and complements it by enabling delivery of immersive media experiences.”

Media CDN lets streaming media providers take advantage of Google’s decades-long experience delivering video safely, securely, and reliably, Shukla adds. The platform includes deep integration with Google Cloud Armor for planet-scale DDoS protection and a rich set of capabilities to detect and mitigate attacks, prevent abuse, manage risk, and comply with regulatory or licensing requirements.  

“If you want to deliver rich, immersive experiences to global audiences with an extensible, modern delivery platform, we’d love to hear from you,” she says.

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