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Blis Digital, a Netherlands-based software developer, announced the acquisition of Hiper, a Lithuanian development firm. With the acquisition, Blis brings in eight experienced developers to expand its development services.

Though both companies develop custom software, the areas of expertise differ. Blis is able to quickly bring clients from a concept to a system. “But after that comes the phase of further development, optimization and expansion”, the company said. “That’s where Hiper excels.”

Hiper is based in Lithuania. The startup was founded in 2019. The company’s core consists of eight experienced developers, who now work for Blis. The Dutch software developer grew to nearly 70 employees as a result of the acquisition.


According to Blis, the teams complement each other. After providing the first version of a software product, Hiper assists clients in long-term optimization. The startup uses data to perfect workloads and fine-tune designs. Blis is familiar with data as well, but the expertise differs. The Dutch company distinguishes itself with rapid development sprints and full-stack solutions.

Blis plans to deploy the acquired team on a new service category: “the further development of digital products and platforms”, the company described. Blis aims to serve customers by not only developing a software product, but by optimizing the software over the long term.

“We are specialists in the start-up phase: concept, design and build”, the company described. “Once a digital product is up and running, it needs to be developed further. Our new Lithuanian colleagues will focus on this scale-up phase, working directly with the customer.”


In recent years, Blis has developed software solutions for medical, legal, financial and security issues. Think of automation tools for logistics processes in hospitals. Remarkably, the company has experience with robotics. Blis provided a storage company with an app and robots for moving heavy objects. The organization develops full-stack software, including backends and frontends.

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