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GitLab recently released version 15 of its DevOps platform. The version adds security, AI and troubleshooting functionality.

First of all, GitLab 15 updates existing open-source dynamic application security testing (DAST) tools. DAST tools scan applications for vulnerabilities. GitLab replaced its DAST tools with a proprietary engine that should increase performance.

Other security updates include a tool for automatically generating the component lists of applications. This should make it easier to review the security of components. Furthermore, GitLab 15 allows developers to host their code in a secure cloud environment instead of a local environment.

AI and machine learning

In addition to security, GitLab 15 offers more AI and machine learning (ML) functionality. To this end, the developer is rolling out a tool that allows users to create and compare different versions of ML models to determine the most effective version. Another tool helps manage datasets for training neural networks. The tool can bring datasets from external systems to the GitLab platform.


Furthermore, GitLab wants to make it easier for developers to troubleshoot various problems. Accordingly, GitLab 15 includes functionality based on Opstrace, which was acquired last year. Software bugs and general problems are easier to discover. Timesaving tools allow developers to focus on specialized tasks, such as ensuring that application development projects comply with best practices for security.

Some of the new functionality is immediately available in GitLab 15. The rest will be added over the course of 2022 and 2023.

Tip: GitLab acquires Opstrace, the open observability Startup