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The stable version of the Linux 6.0 kernel has reached its final release. Meanwhile, the open-source operating system’s developers set their eyes on version 6.1.

The stable version of Linux 6.0 brings various features and improvements, including more efficient ACPI handling and power management. Both changes benefit users of Intel’s high-performance Sapphire Rapids processors.


The latest version provides kernel support for SMB3, which speeds up file transfers and improves security. SMB3 allows users to steer away from SMB1, a protocol that has long been unsupported.

Linux 6.0 also offers improved support for RISC-V and China’s LongArch architecture. The latter architecture helps Chinese manufacturers become independent of Western chip technology.

Arrows on version 6.1

Linux guru Linus Torvalds announced that all eyes are set on the release of Linux 6.1. The merge window will open shortly. Torvalds mentioned that the release will contain lots of new functionality, though further details weren’t disclosed.

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