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IT certification supplier CompTIA introduced the Tech Job Posting Optimizer to help organizations expand their recruitment efforts and find neglected or underutilized talent.

The open, web-based platform provides a variety of tech job layouts and data tools to optimize listings for skills, credentials and inclusion in the US labour market.

The organization analyzed 500,000 job postings for entry-level IT employment in 2022. According to CompTIA, 57 percent of companies confined their search to individuals with a minimum of a four-year degree.

Furthermore, the number one industry-recognized accreditation for entry-level cybersecurity jobs is a managerial-level accreditation that requires advanced expertise.

While overly high requirements in job advertisements have no detrimental effect on businesses, they can negatively impact applicants, with 55 percent experiencing a “confidence gap” when seeking employment.

According to Skillful.ly co-founder Kelly Cure, CompTIA’s optimizer offers an answer to a market-wide problem that any organization can use and benefit from. Cure added that skills-based hiring platforms like Tech Job Posting Optimizer help expose previously overlooked but qualified applicants.

Tech Job Posting Optimizer

CompTIA’s Tech Job Posting Optimizer software includes a check for biased wording and wage curves, as well as a process improvement guide for job postings. Lightcast and Infogr8 labour market data are used to support the platform.

The platform leverages education, certifications, philanthropy, training, market research and advocacy to unlock potential in the tech industry and the workforce it employs.

CompTIA says it’s advocating for the millions of industry and tech experts who develop, deploy, manage, and secure the technologies powering the global economy. The latest release reflects its drive to find potential where it has often been overlooked.

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